About us

KHANG NHAT Construction & Trading Co.,Ltd

KHANG NHAT Construction & Trading Co., LTD is General Contractor in construction field such as Building work, Civil work, Metal and Steel structure

With our technical experience and capability as well as our continuous devotion to our customers, we believe that we can carry out your project successfully at the most economic cost and in the shortest schedule if we are granted an opportunity to serve you

KHANG NHAT can carry out “Design & Build” bidding packages, implementing the package from surveying, designing, get permission and construction

We are recognized by the Ministry of Construction as a unit capable of designing and constructing grade 2 civil and industrial works

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Why choose us

“ We always set the ultimate goal to create a quality product and have value for our customers ”



We always put professionalism & quality in our work first. Establish and respect the processes and standards in the system



Design & Construction according to Japanese standards. We are committed to products and services with the best quality



Create products and services that are appropriate and sufficient to bring differentiated benefits to customers, minimizing costs and time



Always innovate thinking to find creative and flexible solutions to achieve set goals that always exceed expectations



Each staff is always self-aware of their personal responsibility in their work, which is their responsibility to customers



We always accompany customers and partners through the company's staff who always put faith and responsibility first.

Our standards

Manage work according to " 5S principles " and " PDCA cycle " of Japanese standards

Safety is a top priority

“SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY ” is one of the first goals that KHANG NHAT towards. We not only care about customers that always care about each worker, ensuring they are always in a safe working environment. We care about them more than they care about ourselves, Our applicablestandards consistently exceed those required by applicable regulations

Vision & Mission



Become a leading construction company to meet professionalism and economic efficiency, always at the forefront of new trends in products and services



Developing into a company with sustainable values, committed to bringing real value to customers

Bring to customers the best quality products and services, in the shortest time and most economical

Creating a working environment with high teamwork, sharing and solidarity towards the goal of dedicating all to the Company

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