Design & Build is the trend of big construction companies


Design & Build is simply understood as a design and construction package contract. This model brings many benefits to investors. However, to properly implement "Design and Build" requires highly specialized and reputable construction units, Design and Build requires close cooperation and smooth coordination between the two stages of design and construction



  • Time: Design and Build reduces wasted time due to design modifications. To match the construction cost. Eliminate the estimating and bidding steps. No need to waste time looking for construction methods because it has been prepared from the design stage


  • Investment capital: The investor will know the costs that need to be spent on the project from the beginning. The investor also knows the construction unit, where the materials are provided. From there, it is easy to control the cost of purchasing construction materials


  • Quality: construction works are born from the careful preparation at the design stage to the construction stage. Of course Design and Build company will be responsible. Thereby limiting investors' worries about the project


A standard construction company Design and Build model will solve many problems for investors. Therefore, it automatically becomes a great demand in the construction industry. It is also easy to understand why large construction companies are aiming for this model. However, saying this again and again will also be a huge challenge. For companies that want to go Design and Build

For large projects, signing a contract with a model company "Design and Build" is the best choice. Especially for projects that are urgent in terms of time or financially. Therefore, if you are an investor, be wise in choosing a construction company. The best company is the standard Design and Build company for your project. Avoid "touching" to hang the goat's head selling dog meat that companies still do recently to attract investors.

Through many projects, KHANG NHAT understands the difficulties of the Investor in implementing and managing the project, especially: lack of experienced management personnel; long implementation time from design to construction; high management cost;...

With the desire to bring more benefits to the Investor, KHANG NHAT has researched and developed the model of General Contractor of Design & Build (Design & Build). In particular, the three most prominent benefits customers will receive when choosing us to deploy this model are:

  • Save time deploy the project from the very beginning, increase the maximum value of benefits for the Investor when the project is soon put into operation
  • Minimize complex work (when dividing a project into several phases) by providing reasonable, harmonious design solutions that ensure functionality and aesthetics
  • Saving personnel and management costs of the Investor in managing design, managing bidding, managing construction, optimizing the use of cash flow



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